“Danielle sings ‘Vissi d’arte’ from Tosca by Puccini. One of my favorite arias is done with a depth of emotion that she imparts so well to this role. Tosca is beseeching God to deliver her from her grief, and indeed we feel her pain. Danielle brings to life a broken woman, victimized by her circumstances. Sitting in the audience, I am moved by Danielle’s account of this operatic tragedy. She pours her heart into this aria, and yes, she is Tosca.”

– Maddalena Harris (from Memos from Maddalena)


“Danielle Davis enthralled the audience with her inspiring renditions of songs and arias by composers that included Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini. The evening ended with a standing ovation of enthusiastic applause for Ms. Davis.”

– The Golden Lion


“’Sola, perduta, abbandonata’ from Puccini’s ‘Manon Lescaut’ is one of opera’s dramatic arias that Danielle is undaunted to present. Manon is heartbroken, dying, and we are transported to a place of profound sorrow. Danielle’s beautiful and powerful voice takes us there and I do all I can to stifle back tears.”

– Maddalena Harris (from Memos from Maddalena)


“Danielle Davis, our Divina soprano, has mastered Verdi’s ‘O patria mia.’ …

This is an amazing aria that only accomplished singers love to have in their repertoire and Danielle has made this masterpiece her own.”

– Maddalena Harris (from Memos from Maddalena)


“The first half of the evening was given over to a succession of arias, each sung by a different singer. It was a great opportunity to hear a lot of different artists, among whom several stood out… Danielle Davis sang “Elsa’s Dream” from Wagner’s Lohengrin with authority and good dynamic control. She started sweetly but built to an heroic climax. Although we are in the dog days of summer, New York Lyric Opera had no problem packing the house. Opera lovers are always thirsting for talent and there was plenty of that onstage!”

– Meche (from Voce di meche)


“‘Signore, ascolta!’ from Puccini’s Turandot is an aria I am enamored with, especially the high pure notes that Danielle Davis delivered with power and sustainability. Wow. One word, beautiful.”

– Maddalena Harris (from Memos from Maddalena)

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